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Men and women have been hunting for thousands of years. It’s in our blood to challenge

the instincts Mother Nature has instilled in the animals we pursue. With the human

population continuing to grow, getting in range of big game is getting harder with each

passing season. As we push further into their habitat we continue to educate animals

and cause them to become more wary of humans every day.

When chasing big game, hunters have to constantly keep three things in mind, an animal’s

sense of sight, sense of hearing and sense of smell. By overcoming these three senses you

will give yourself the edge necessary to be more successful in the field. Beating an animal’s sense of sight and hearing isn’t too difficult. If you practice proper gear maintenance by keeping noisy metals and fabrics out of your arsenal, you should blend in pretty effectively with the rest of nature’s noises. There are plenty of good camo patterns, such as the revolutionary Vertigo camo pattern, that break up the human outline. A good camo pattern, coupled with proper stand placement and good body control will help hunters fool an animal’s eyes. The most difficult sense to overcome is a big game animal’s sense of smell. Virtually all big game animals structure their travel routes and patterns around wind currents and direction. Whenever they are forced to travel with the wind is not in their favor, they are almost always on alert. When you put human odor into play the odds are stacked even higher against you. This is where ScentLok’s odor control system helps hunters gain the edge over big game.