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Prym1 Camo -


Prym1 Camo® was built as a concealment solution for outdoors men and women

that need to be concealed and blend into their surroundings at all times.

Our family of patterns allow full flexibility of movement through various terrains, by utilizing the depth of colours, shadows and highlights with the organic shapes found on predators in the wild. Unlike the traditional ' sticks & leaves' camouflage or the typical pixelated digital patterns, Prym1 Camo® was designed and built on the basis of being a true hybrid camo. A camouflage pattern that is truly versatile and adaptive, capable of not only blending, but matching a multitude of environments.

Prym1 Woodlands ® has been designed specifically to help conceal personnel across verdant temperate, deep-wooded terrain.

Our most versatile hybrid pattern to date, built for the all-season hunter, Prym1 MP (multi-purpose) is as effective up in the stand or out on the ground.

A personal favourite for the avid waterfowler, this seasonal transitioning pattern will keep you blended in across your various terrains throughout the Autumn/Winter months.

Prym1® FISH Camo a
llows you, the angler, to catch through various weather conditions out on the water by utilising the depth of colours, shadows, highlights and organic shapes found in your surrounding environment.

By understanding the ways in which water conditions can manipulate light and how your configuration can be broken up to help distort the fish's ability to detect shape and movement, our range of Prym1® FISH patterns have been developed for the hardcore anglers that want to be concealed out on the water, at all times.
Giving you the edge, when you need it most.