Safe Shoot -

SafeShoot is a unique system that creates a safety network for hunters and assists in preventing

friendly-fire incidents. By attaching a shooter device that fits most rifles, hunters will be

automatically alerted when another SafeShoot device holder, whether it is another shooter device or a defender device, is downrange and in their line of fire. The system does not need a line of sight because it uses radio frequency (RF) communication, not a laser.  Take a safe shot with SafeShoot. To learn more visit our website at

Trophy Ridge -

The Fierce Science of Dead Certain Accuracy brings you React Technology!

​Our Rests are designed with high performance and durability in mind!  Have your arrow

ready at the right moment! Trophy Room Not Included...​  Our Quivers are the perfect

clash of Engineering and common sense,which give you a strong, low profile, and easy to use quiver with LED lights for low light conditions. 
​Serious Stabilizers for serious hunters!

Burris Optics-

The Burris Company was formed in 1971 and named after its founder Don Burris.

Burris was a design engineer with Redfield, a Denver-based optics company, who

believed he could build a better riflescope than what was currently available. During

his 12-year career with Redfield, he focused on product design and management and

was responsible for many industry innovations such as:

The first constantly centered non-magnifying reticle in variable power scopes - A design used in 99% of all scopes today - The first 4-12x and 6-18x riflescopes - The Redfield Accu-Range trajectory compensating dual reticle scope - The Redfield Wideview riflescope

SpyHigh Mounting System -

Unique Benefits

  • Universal camera mount fits most game cameras
  • Rotating capability allows for wide range positioning
  • Precise laser sighting to capture your desired photos and videos
  • Extension poles safely install camera high in tree
  • Multiple camera placements possible with additional tree attachments
  • Complete system stores easily in most bags/backpacks

With the SpyHigh® Mounting System, you’ll finally have the ability to easily install your game/trail camera high up in a tree and manipulate it—all without ever leaving the ground. Whether your interest lies in hunting, wildlife monitoring, or even property surveillance, the SpyHigh® Mounting System allows you to position your trail camera from the ground to capture a wide range of photos and videos, while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your camera remains virtually invisible and secure.

Pro-Tracker -

The Pro-Tracker® Transmitter is a rechargeable, lightweight, water resistant transmitter

that disengages from the arrow upon impact; allowing for pass-throughs. The transmitter

hooks into the animal’s hide and begins sending Radio Frequency (RF) signals every three

seconds for the duration of the battery life (10-12 hours). You will need the Pro-Tracker®

Receiver to read and track the signal.

Wicked Hunting Lights -

Wicked Hunting Lights offers the highest quality and longest range night hunting lights at an affordable price.
Several key design features that set us apart:

  • Patented built in center axis rotational LED design - instantly change colors while maintaining zero in your

             scope (no need to re-zero your light).

  • High Output LED’s - ensures long range visibility.
  • Full Intensity Control - helps to spook less animals.
  • Zoom Focus Bezel - change your beam from spot to flood.
  • Quick Detach Adjustable Mount System - adjust the light in your scope while being able to quickly add/remove the light from your weapon.
  • Limited Life Time Warranty - we stand behind our products.

Depending on light model and kit, some of the included features may vary. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Stratus Support Systems -

Securely carry your weapon on your belt! 10% off and Free Shipping Promo code TXGH

Our product line at STRATUS SUPPORT SYSTEMS LLC continues to evolve from the Original Stratus Support System with another innovative product that is going to change the game on how to  more effectively carry your weapon.  The Stratus Tactical Plate -(STP) replaces the original plate on your AR-15 platform rifle and works in conjunction the the Original Stratus Support Systems' Belt Unit or the all new MOLLE Adaptive Plate (MAP). Each plate is custom milled from a block of T6 aircraft grade aluminum for strength and has a QD ready port. STP is available in many colors. The STP works in conjunction  with the Original Status Support Systems' belt receiver unit or the  MOLLE Adaptive Plate-(MAP).

Mossy Oak -



It’s not a passion, it’s an obsession. Every day at Mossy Oak, we live and breathe the outdoors — from hunting and conservation, to stewardship and legacy efforts. Since 1986, that obsession has formed the proud, rock-solid foundation of Mossy Oak. What started as a fistful of dirt has grown to become one of the strongest, most effective and most-recognized camouflage brands in the world. Today, our consumers are ultra-loyal to our brand because we deliver uncompromising quality, and share a unique bond driven by the heritage of hunting and our love for the great outdoors.

Hi-Point Firearms -

All Hi-Point® carbines are +P rated to accept all factory ammunition and feature:

All-weather, polymer skeletonized stock Sling, swivels and scope base Internal recoil buffer in stock Threaded barrel .57x28 New flat black receiver shroud Fully adjustable sights (rear peep & post front) Quick on/off thumb safety Grip-mounted magazine release Raised soft rubber cheek-piece 100% American-made parts and assembly 10-shot magazine (45 caliber comes with a 9-round magazine) FREE trigger lock - Weaver style rails - Last round lock open

All Hi-Point® firearms are covered by our industry-leading lifetime warranty! Damage, age, plain old wear and tear — these things happen. When they do, Hi-Point® customers enjoy a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty. And lifetime means just that — free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third. Hi-Point® service is fast, friendly and expertly performed.

Slow Glow Hunting Lights -

Slow Glow Hunting Lights are designed to be mounted 20’ away from your hunting spot, and when

triggered by motion, slowly illuminate HUNDREDS of square feet of hunting space. Slow Glow

gradually increases light intensity over a 2-minute period to avoid spooking wild hogs, predators,

or exotic game in front of the light. Use the light like an alarm; when the light is bright, you know

it’s game time!

Slow Glow easily switches between Red and Green Color, and all lights come with a long-distance

remote control that can activate your light from several hundred yards away! All lights feature a day/night sensor so your light will stay off during the day, and automatically turn on at night. Slow Glow hog hunting lights utilize a powerful 12v battery, the same as most common deer feeders, which out performs our competitors’ lights running on inferior power. These rechargeable batteries can power a Slow Glow for 3-5 Nights, or add a 5w solar panel to leave your light out Year-Round.  Slow Glow utilizes powerful LED's, so there are no bulbs to replace, EVER. Stalk in from down wind and behind your light to get crazy close shots!


The Lidcam Pro Series with Wifi is the newest addition to the Lidcam family. Printed in

camouflage, the Lidcam Pro features several improvements to make sure you get the

shot, every time.

  • Improved image sensor for better clarity on shots
  • Wide Angle lens to capture everything in view - no more adjusting the lens by hand.
  • Wifi Connectivity allows the camera to be controlled via our easy-to-use smartphone app. Preview your shots, take photos, and record video with your Lidcam, all from your iPhone or Android device!
  • Lidcam Pro weighs less than 4 ounces and clips to the bill of any baseball cap. Great for hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activities you want to film! Included in the package are: Lidcam Pro camera, Wall Charger, Car Charge, USB cable, and removable lithium ion battery.
  • Records High Quality Audio with Wind Noise Reduction Technology

Sportsman's Choice - Record Rack Feed

The right feed for even bigger game
Sportsman’s Choice® has a full line of products to help you attract and grow a bigger class of

ucks. All Sportsman’s Choice® products are engineered with the right nutrition to fit your specific

need. Whether you’re a wildlife watcher looking to see more deer on your land, or an avid

sportsman looking to bring in a trophy, we've got the right feed to meet your goals.

Interested in becoming a partner?  Contact us at to see what we can do for you!

Disclaimer: All product based sponsorships can be ended with written notice at anytime.

SureCan -

Type your paragraph here.The inventor of SureCan was a guy that HATED

using standard gas cans! As a general contractor, cabinet maker, and outdoor

enthusiast he spent a lot of his time filling gas powered machines and

constantly spilling all over his expensive equipment. 

He thought, there must be a better way.

Four years later the first prototype was built out of wood, plastic, and any other materials a cabinet maker had lying around. He was ready to make it legit and decided to start a business.

Scent Step Dispenser -

Scent Step enables hunters to mask their scent as they walking through the woods. Also, Scent Step leaves a drop of scent with each step the hunter makes, and attracts wildlife to the hunter's location by dispersing a lure scent. With the Scent Step the hunter simply pours the scent they choose in the bottle and primes the applicator attaches to their boot and walks to their location. Using the Scent Step the hunter will be dispensing fresh lure scent with every step they take, unlike the drag rag that gets weaker at hunter's location, Scent Step will be stronger at the hunter's location. Additionally Scent Step eliminates the use of a drag rag.

Rocket Broadheads -


​STEELHEAD® - 1 - 1/8" Cut (100 grain) - The most popular, deepest penetrating broadhead ever built.

ULTIMATE STEEL® - 1" Cut (100 grain) - Developed to remain stable during the high-speed forces.

SIDEWINDER® - 1 - 1/2" Cut (100 grain) - A large-cutting, deep-penetrating killing machine.

HAMMERHEAD® - 2" Cut (100 grain) - Leaves an enormous entry and wound and turns tracking into a thing of the past.​​

Lumenok -

t Lumenok, we didn’t just create the best lighted nock.  We created the entire lighted nock

category.  That’s why everyone refers to their lighted nocks as “Lumenoks,” despite what

the package says.  But if you want the brightest, longest-lasting, and most durable lighted nock on the market, you want the original.  You want Lumenok.

GEO-PAK Hunt -

Enhance your hunting adventure! With augmented reality, you get to see where your hunting friends are in real-time, including their direction and status. You can also plan your hunt in advance and once the hunt is over, analyze the stats.

Sure, it’s dark outside and the sun won’t be up for hours. But you and your buddies know exactly where to go because you created a plan in GEO-PAK Hunt, and everyone has it right on their mobile.

Mark critical locations and save the GPS directions to navigate better.  Invite your friends and create a hunting group to share important data (Groups are available for Premium accounts or during a free trial.) Map hunting area and share with the party to enjoy the adventure together. (Requires Premium account)

Night Stalker Hunting Spray -

​Used for tracking wounded game Provides hunters with the ability to track wounded game at night and

in any environment. Night Stalker Hunting Spray is engineered to glow when sprayed on blood. Night

Stalker Hunting Spray will reveal a blood trail where blood is present, even if the blood is not visible to

the naked eye. The blood will glow after a rain storm, and is visible even if he/she is color blind. The

blood trail will glow in neon blue color for a short period of time. Night Stalker hunting spray comes in

a powdered form contained inside a leak resistant spray bottle. Night Stalker Hunting Spray requires

24 oz. of bottled water to be mixed with the powdered formula in the bottle to activate the product. The mixture is designed and engineered to last for approximately 24 hours.​

BunkerHead -

The head sticks out the most and moves around the most, yet we cover it up the least!  That's because there is nothing on the market today that anybody wants to wear!  The BunkerHead Head Concealment System is here to change that!

  • Net (Bug Mesh) – good for hot weather hunting and insect conditions.
  • Cotton – good for warm to cool weather hunting conditions.
  • 3D (Leafy) on Net – good for warm to cool weather hunting conditions.
  • Fleece – good for cold weather hunting conditions.

N-Vision Optics -

N-Vision Optics is committed to providing the highest quality, combat-proven electro-optical products

and technologies to Military and Law Enforcement users in the United States and abroad. N-Vision

Optics specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of night vision, thermal imaging,

and custom optical solutions. As a result of our continued commitment to quality, N-Vision Optics is

proud to have achieved and maintained its ISO 9001 certification since 2010. With thousands of

units currently in use around the globe, N-Vision Optics has established itself as a well-known global

resource for night vision and thermal imaging equipment.

Bear Archery -

Each Bear bow, no matter how large or small, will be utterly reliable. Intensely lethal. And above all

else, capable of following an ethical shot with the nobility of a quick, moral kill. This promise will

never change. It's been our benchmark for more than 80 years, and the guiding principle behind the

creation, perfection, and constant refinement of methods and techniques known only within the

Bear tribe. No other bow feels, functions or finishes quite like a Bear. Nothing fulfills your highest

expectations in quite the same way, and that's a satisfaction you'll only discover by actually shooting

one of our latest offerings. One arrow and you'll know Bear is back. That we promise, too.

Phone Skope -

Phone Skope has elevated digiscoping once again. This time with rifle scopes! Phone Skope’s new

Skoped Vision Rifle Scope Adapter allows you to capture high quality pictures and video through

your rifle scope with your smartphone camera. 

Skoped Vision features a unique design, giving you the ability to look through the riflescope as you would normally and capture the moment with your phone using a Phone Skope Phone Case. A Phone Skope Phone Case is needed when using Skoped Vision as the two pieces work together to center the phone camera on the rifle scope. Plus, the Phone Skope Phone Case keeps your phone secure while operating the firearm. Phone Skope Phone Cases are manufactured out of ABS plastic in southern Utah.

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Texas Game Hunters' Partners


Game Tags is a device to help you safely, effectively and efficiently tag your animal after you have

harvested it in the field. It's stainless steel wire and coating with thread connection ensure that you

have an easy time tagging your animal.

Gator Gripp HD -

Gator-Gripp formally known as Pro-Draw was designed by two hunting enthusiasts who

wanted to better the bow and gun holders of today.

We experienced that the holders we used in the past would not hold up to our expectations. They wouldn’t hold snug leaving the possibility of wear, and the radical shaking of the equipment.

Gator-Gripp eliminates the repetitious feat of inserting and removing equipment through the use of rubber cords, velcro and other gizmos.

ScentLok Technologies -

Men and women have been hunting for thousands of years. It’s in our blood to challenge the instincts

Mother Nature has instilled in the animals we pursue. With the human population continuing to grow,

getting in range of big game is getting harder with each passing season. As we push further into their

habitat we continue to educate animals and cause them to become more wary of humans every day.

When chasing big game, hunters have to constantly keep three things in mind, an animal’s 
sense of

sight, sense of hearing and sense of smell. By overcoming these three senses you will give yourself

the edge necessary to be more successful in the field. 

US Law Shield -

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If you must act in self defense, you shouldn't have to worry about paying for an attorney

Concealed Carry Insurance for $10.95 a month. No tiers. No limits. Pay no attorneys’ fees for covered events. 24/7/365 EMERGENCY HOTLINE - Attorney answered hotline - it's not a call center. Professional advice when you need it most