When & Where

  • February 23th - 24th 2019 – (Start: 2/23 Saturday at 6am –Time: Sunday 2/24 at 12pm
  • Weigh-in held at Hoffpauir Ranch and Supply (Must check in by 12pm Sunday)
    • 1189 N. HWY 281, Lampasas, TX 76550
    • Live music & Chipster's Grill BBQ Food Truck
    • Late arrivals for weigh-in will be disqualified


  • Main Pot - 90% Payout – 4 Heaviest Hogs
    • 1st - 65% of payout
    • 2nd - 35% of payout
  • Side Pots (50.00 per team per pot 100% payout to winner)
    • Biggest Single Hog
    • Most Hogs
    • Most Predators (Combination of Foxes, Coyotes & Bobcats)

  • Door Prizes – (1 Free Raffle ticket given to each participant at weigh-in)
    • Orange Corn Attractant pack
    • 2 x Sportsman’s Choice Record Rack (Coupon for 1 free 50lbs bag of protein)
    • 1 x Wicked Lights Scan Pro 3-in-1 Headlamp
    • 1 x year subscription to Geo-Pak Hunt App
    • 1 x Night Stalker Hunting Spray
    • 1 x Bunkerhead – Face concealment system
    • 5 x Bottle of Cloak Scent Eliminator
    • 1 x 2.2 Gallon SureCan Fuel Gas Can
    • 1 x 25.00 Gift Chard Chipster’s Grill

Charity Raffle (Tickets purchased at weigh in 10.00 per ticket – No maximum) – All proceeds from this raffle will be donated to
www.OATHINC.org - Outdoor Association for True Heroes, is a faith based Nonprofit Organization that utilizes various outdoors activities centered around Faith, Family, and Community to improve the quality of life of our eligible Veterans. You can PRE PURCHASE Raffle tickets ONLINE - Attendance not required!

  • 1 x SafeShoot Hunter Safety System
  • 1 x Wicked Lights A67iC Kit & 1 x Burris Rifle Scope
  • 1 x Wicked Lights A67iC & ScanPro iC
  • 1 x ATN X-Sight 4k Pro 3x14 & 1 x Wicked Lights A67iR Gun Kit
  • 10 x Sportsman’s Choice Record Rack (Coupon for 1 free 50lbs bag of protein)
  • 1 x Geo Pak Hunt Geo Cam – Cell Camera
  • 1 x Gator Gripp HD Rack System
  • 1 x Free weekend stay Hampton Inn Austin North (Blackout dates apply)
  • Coastal Duck hunt for 2 – Morning hunt – No lodging – (Whack & Shack Outfitters)
  • $100 Gift card to Boss Hog Wild Game Processing – Lampasas Texas
  • ​1 x Spy High Mounting System - Game Camer Anti Theft System


  • Entry fee of $200.00 PER TEAM – Rain or Shine
  • Maximum of 4 hunters per team – No minimum – Teams may split up on the same ranch in pairs of 2
  • Promoter WILL be allowed to participate in contest
  • No Trapped Hogs – No Helicopter Hunting – No dog Hunting – No Barr Hogs – No High Fenced Hogs
  • Thermal & Night vision equipment IS allowed
  • No Gifting of Animals, of any kind, to other teams – both teams will be disqualified
  • Hogs must be dry before weigh-in & Hogs must be field dressed before weigh in.
  • Hogs must be taken away from weigh in area to be disposed of, NO Dumping at weigh-in
  • Hunters under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian permission/signature to participate
  • Land owners may be observers, but must be paid entrants to shoot or contribute hogs to a team.
  • Winning teams WILL be subjected to polygraph
  • ​Must have VALID Texas Hunting License & Hunter’s Education Certificate/Deferral 
  • ALL animals MUST be killed within the contest start and end times. No Frozen Animals, or animals killed outside the contest times.  Violators will be disqualified.
  • Must Register by 2/21/2019 ​

For Questions contact Joseph Trousdale (512) 564 – 3938 or Via Facebook - Register BELOW

Texas Hill Country Hog Hunting Contest 2019 Registration Form 

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Texas Hill Country Hog Hunting Contest 2019 Side Pots

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Texas Hill Country Hog Hunting Contest - 2019 

Pre-Purchase your OATH Charity Raffle Tickets Above!  Do not need to be in attendance to win!  Drawing will be held on February 24th 2019 at the live weigh-in for the Texas Hill Country Hog Hunting Contest!

Texas Hill Country Hog Hunting Contest 2019 Team Entry

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