There are many varieties of blinds­ out there on the market, but they all serve the same purpose: concealment. Types of hunting blinds include:

  • Box blinds - a box with windows.
  • Duck blinds - These come in multiple varieties that are designed for use in or around water. Duck blinds can be temporary or permanent and can conceal hunters or larger items, like boats.
  • Goose blinds - These look kind of like sleeping bags, but they're not intended for resting. They give you easy access to geese that are flying right above you.
  •  Pop-up blinds - These are lightweight blinds that "pop" open when you need them and can then be folded back up for storage, and portability
  • Tower/Elevated blinds- contraptions built above ground that are freestanding or built into existing trees.
  • Tree Stands - There are a variety of different tree stands, but the purpose of getting high off the ground for view and concealment in a tree is universal.
  • Tripods - which give you a 360-degree view in open areas

Hunting Blinds

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