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Scent Distribution

Be a Drag—Using a scent drag soaked in the proper scent serves two purposes: One, it helps cover your own scent you may leave behind when walking in and two, it can serve to catch a buck’s attention as he is cruising by and draw him in a little closer. Again, I don’t want to oversell the latter. A heavily placed scent trail doesn’t mean a buck is going to come running right into your stand along that path. More often than not, it will peak his attention so he will work around the area trying to catch more scent to confirm what he hopes is an actual doe.

Use Wicks—Sure, cotton balls in plastic canisters work, but they can also alter the smell of scents when combined with whatever material the canisters are made from. Wicks are made expressly for the job, and many today come with their own containers where you can store them free from contamination. The containers also help to avoid fewer sloppy spills.

Scent Step Dispenser -

Scent Step enables hunters to mask their scent as they walking through the woods. Also, Scent Step leaves a drop of scent with each step the hunter makes, and attracts wildlife to the hunter's location by dispersing a lure scent. With the Scent Step the hunter simply pours the scent they choose in the bottle and primes the applicator attaches to their boot and walks to their location. Using the Scent Step the hunter will be dispensing fresh lure scent with every step they take, unlike the drag rag that gets weaker at hunter's location, Scent Step will be stronger at the hunter's location. Additionally Scent Step eliminates the use of a drag rag