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By being a Staffer for Texas Game Hunters LLC you agree that all footage submitted is property of Texas Game Hunters LLC and can/will be used by Texas Game Hunters LLC at it's discretion.  All products received complementary are property of Texas Game Hunters LLC and if the staffers chooses to leave will return all products to Texas Game Hunters LLC, or purchase the products at the viP discounts. 

Alan Merry - Pro Staff, Texas

The very first time I got an opportunity to look through a thermal scope, was the day that changed my life. Night hunting coyotes and hogs is my passion! I'm extremely blessed to share my hunting experiences with the world! From e-callers to hand calls, to spot and stalk, I take the shot and then we walk! SEND IT!

Texas Game Hunters Staff


Our Field Staff team is composed of individuals who excel in a wide range of outdoor pursuits. They're selected based on equal qualifications, hunting credentials, their love for hunting, and their ability to share their knowledge with others.  

Joseph Trousdale - Host - Texas

Ever since my grandfather introduced me to fishing as a little boy, I have been involved in the outdoors.  I have the best wife, who supports and shares my passion for the outdoors, and two amazing little boys.  I am so excited to introduce them to the outdoors, and to be able to share the wonders of harvesting their first animal! My goal is to bring my outdoors experiences to life for you, and to share my passion with the world.

Charles Starkey & Starkey Pepaw - Sr. Pro Staff Team - Predator Police - Oklahoma

I have loved the outdoors hunting and fishing as long as i can remember. My mom loves to tell childhood stories of me hunting from the time I could walk.  I started hunting squirrels with my dad, and from there it led to deer hunting. My best friend then introduced me to predators and turkeys, but there was something about predator hunting stuck more than anything.  From there I purchased my first set of mouth calls and all it took was calling in a coyote myself, and I was hooked.  That was some 19 years ago, and I am just as crazy about hunting as I was the first time I put a squirrel in my crosshairs with my dad.

Steven Pham - Pro Staff, Texas

My passion for the outdoors is only surpassed by my passion for justice.  By day I am an attorney in the Houston, Texas area, and most of my spare time is spend searching for hogs and big game in the Texas area.  I love what I do, and I am blessed to be able to share my passion with the world.

Johnny Allen - Pro Staff, Texas

I have been hunting all my life. It is a way of life for my family. I have been in the hunting business for 32 years and proud to be a part of the Texas Game Hunters team and vision!

Anh Trousdale - Producer - Texas

I love my family and the outdoors! Providing healthy meals that are free from chemicals, hormones and other harmful commercial products, for my family is what drives my passion for conservation and wildlife management.  We have two amazing boys, and we are excited to introduce them to the outdoors.  Join us and share our experiences along the way!