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Cloak Scent Eliminator Spray

Our Scent Eliminator technology targets odor causing bacteria on a microbial level! Cloak Eliminator targets a wide range of odors:  HUMAN ODOR, SMOKE, PET, FOOD, CONTACT & ENVIRONMENTAL ODORS!

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Wicked Hunting Lights -

Wicked Hunting Lights offers the highest quality and longest range night hunting lights at an affordable price. Patented built in center axis rotational LED design.  High Output LED’s - ensures long range visibility.  Full Intensity Control - helps to spook less animals. Zoom Focus Bezel - change your beam from spot to flood. Quick Detach Adjustable Mount System.  Limited Life Time Warranty - we stand behind our products.


It all started with a big orange tree in Texas. Every evening  I would grab a ripe juicy orange off the tree. During the hunt I would toss my half eaten orange out the window of the deer stand. I started to watch deer eat the pulp from the orange.

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Spotlight Products

GEO-PAK Hunt -

Enhance your hunting adventure! With augmented reality, you get to see where your hunting friends are in real-time, including their direction and status. You can also plan your hunt in advance and once the hunt is over, analyze the stats.

Scent Step Dispenser -
Scent Step enables hunters to mask their scent as they walking through the woods. Also, Scent Step leaves a drop of scent with each step the hunter makes, and attracts wildlife to the hunter's location by dispersing a lure scent. With the Scent Step the hunter simply pours the scent they choose in the bottle and primes the applicator attaches to their boot and walks to their location.


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My brother has a large labradoodle that often rides shotgun with him.  I have two kids.  Their full complement of gear often rides shotgun with me.  Produce in solid steel with a variety of finishes, TIKIT stands up to any abuse this product is thrown at it..